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Teresa Marks is a singer/songwriter who lives in California.  She has always loved music, but believed that she did not possess talents in this area (outside of the shower, of course).  After giving her heart to Christ over 20 years ago, God orchestrated events to allow her to begin a journey in music, and she is so grateful that God has blessed her with the ability to sing and write songs, and to share them with the world.  She hopes that God will use this gift to minister to the hearts of others.

 Teresa is currently the female vocalist and back-up worship leader for the worship team at her church.  Teresa and her husband, Dave, love motorcycles and are members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.  They have a heart for the lost and have taken their motorcycles into prison yards and shared Jesus with the inmates through the Bill Glass Behind the Walls organization.  They have no children, but love animals, and joke that their suburban home is a “farm” with dogs, cats and chickens.

 Teresa has been asked to sing at various events, including women’s retreats, motorcycle rally/show church services, and fundraisers.  Teresa has also been invited to churches to perform concerts.”



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