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Thanks for supporting my first album, RESTLESS!

Teresa and Mark Kenoly have been working hard on Album #2 and it will be published soon, called ďDancing In The FogĒ.  The cover artwork was designed by Teresaís childhood friend, Donelle Danze.

It has been so much fun to spend time in the studio creating these songs from scratch.  My vocal coach, producer and mixer is the very talented Mark Kenoly. 

You can see his videos at:  www.youtube.com/markkenoly

 or check out the studio website at:  www.kingdomvoiceproductions.com



*I was inspired to write this song after listening to Cheri Gregory speak at a womenís conference  that I was invited to lead worship at.  I signed up for Cheriís blog and I have found her to be very enjoyable, honest and insightful.  I recommend you check out her website and sign up for her blog.   Her website is www.cherigregory.com.



*My friend, Karin McClay, wrote this song.  When she shared it with me, I immediately liked it and asked if I could put it on the album.  I knew it would make a great blues song and I am so happy to share her song with the world.






*I wrote this song for my cousin, Tim, when he was losing his battle with cancer. Since then, I have been asked to sing this song at several funerals and memorial services, which I have been honored to do.  For those of you who lost a loved one to an illness, I hope this song reminds you that this life is temporary and, for those of us who have put our faith in Christ, we will be reunited again...




In 2014 I published a single called Riverís Edge.  I was inspired by a menís recovery ranch in Lucerne Valley called Riverís Edge Ranch.  Led at the time by a friend of mine, Al Aceves, I got to tour the facility and see first-hand how menís lives were changed.  It is a place for second chances, and proceeds from the sales for this song are donated back to the Ranch to help them move hearts.